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HIV and AIDS: Are You Hopeful or Hopeless?


HIV and AIDS stand for Human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome respectively. As soon as we listen to the names of HIV and AIDS or feel the HIV symptoms, we feel dead.

In the world, there are few diseases for which our humans are yet to come up with medication and treatment to cure it. HIV and AIDS fall under that category. In this article, we will take you around the world of HIV and provide you with HIV symptoms and HIV treatment.

How People Are Affected By HIV Or AIDS?

Many people who are uneducated as well as educated have a very wrong opinion on HIV or AIDS. One should remember that HIV is caused only for having a sexual relationship with the one who is already infected with HIV or AIDs virus.

It is totally caused due to sexual contact and has nothing to do with shaking hands or being friends with them.


HIV Symptoms:

If you are confused and want to know whether you are affected by HIV or not, then no other platform in this world can give a good look at than our website. Some of the HIV symptoms are:

About 30 to 90% of people will have flu-like symptoms within 2 to 4 weeks of getting affected with HIV. Some of the early symptoms of HIV are:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Night Sweats
  • Rash
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle aches
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Fatigue
  • Mouth ulcers

If you feel that there are high chances of you getting affected with HIV, it is highly recommended you to consult a doctor and explain to him about you having the HIV symptoms. The doctor will help you to go through the HIV treatment

HIV Treatment:

“Prevention is better than cure”. It is advised that whenever you are interested in having a sexual relationship with some random people or call girls, to use safety. By using the same, it helps you to protect yourself from all physically or sexually transmitted diseases.

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As of now, there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, but on following the doctor’s prescription and the HIV treatment advances, one can slow down the HIV progression.

For the persons affected with HIV or having the HIV symptoms, there is both hope and the hopeless. The hope is that by with growing technology, there is a chance for developing the medication. So never lose your hope and lets all fight and win over HIV.

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