The spectacular differences between windsurfing and kitesurfing

If you are a water sports enthusiast, then you may be familiar with a question. Many have been confused about what windsurfing or kite surfing is. Each of these sports is exciting, but there is a difference between them. One thing that makes a significant difference between these sports is the equipment. Are you searching for the best surf equipment, then watch out for the Easy Surf Shop. You can find windsurf and kitesurf equipment, tools, outfits, and everything related to it here. Now let us take a look at more information on the same. 

The windsurfing sport 

Windsurfing is otherwise known as sailboarding. It is a fantastic water sport that involves a surfboard and a sail. The wind force matters the most for this sport. The surfer should know how to balance between the wind and water to sail on the waves. The easy surf shop has everything in store for the windsurfers. You can get an impressive surfboard, sail, foil, masts, protection guards, bags, and every accessory to enjoy the sport. Also, you can get these accessories separately or in combo packages. 

The kite surfing sport

Kite surfing is famously known as kiteboarding. It is an adventurous water sport that requires a surfboard, a kite, and other essential accessories. The wind needs to be strong enough to lift the surfer. The kite works like a parachute that is tied to the surfer’s body. The Easy Surf Shop offers you excellent kites, surfboards, harnesses, bars, foil kites, and much more crucial accessories. 

The differences to consider between windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

  • The ease factor 

The learning experiences of these sports are different. Windsurfing can be much simple than kite surfing. The surfboard is the main element in this sport. With a few hours of practice, it is easy to learn.

The equipment used in windsurfing is familiar and are simple to use. However, kite surfing can be a bit complex for a beginner. Getting the grip of a kite and also balancing the surfboard needs practice. There is also rope involved in kite surfing that makes it even harder. However, with the right equipment and techniques, it is easy to learn both these sports. 

  • The transportation and equipment 

The equipment used in windsurfing is more as it requires two surfboards and three sails. Also, the weight of the boards is at least 30 kg. The windsurfing board is mainly made of polystyrene foam, fiberglass, and PVC, epoxy, or carbon sandwich.

The lighter boards are ideal for expert surfers are it offers them speed. The beginners can start with a heavy board because it provides the right stability to surf through the waves. The equipment available for kite surfing is hassle-free. The surfer requires surfboards, kites, and a harness. There are tons of kite surfing boards. 

You can choose an excellent board by style, body weight, and experience. Beginners should choose more giant boards than normal ones. The 1,35m board makes it easier to have a stable ride. 

  • The safety accessories 

When talking about safety, kite surfing is known as the riskiest water sport. However, with the essential safety accessories, you can enjoy this sport with the utmost security. The Easy Surf Shop offers you incredible opportunities for wave riding, free rides, and race riding. The harness has a tight grip on your back while it is soft on your body. These quality safety accessories are available for bets rates in the shop.

On the other hand, in windsurfing, the three main safety accessories are rig, helmet, and rescue coat. There are sturdy helmets in the shop that protect the surfer from injuries’. Also, you can get the lightweight rescue coat here. 

  • The physical condition and surfing suit 

Windsurfing is easy to learn, but it is a most physically challenging sport than kite surfing. The windsurfer needs to position the legs in half squats pose. The same position is to be maintained to surf stably in the waves.

In the middle, the surfer needs to adjust the sail with an arm. For the windsurfer, the easy surf has the perfect wetsuits. It makes you feel comfortable inside the water. It offers the surfer the right amount of flexibility to surf through the waves. The foam neoprene material used in most of the wetsuits keeps your body warm. The wet suits also come with the right pair of gloves and shoes.

In the kitesurfing sport, you do not require much physical effort. The surfer needs to use his legs in the sport. However, the wind drags the surfer through the waves. You can choose the right kitesurfing wet suit by the temperature and budget. There are durable and thick wetsuits varieties available in the shop. 

The kitesurfing and windsurfing sport is different, but they both exciting water sports. There are other equipments, accessories, and methods for these sports. However, you can get both windsurfing and kite surfing equipment from the top brand Easy Surf Shop. Therefore, watch out for the water sports products there to experience your favorites sport with safety. 

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