Are people living in an excess humid environment more prone to asthma attacks?


In countries with moderate temperatures in both ranges, the average humidity is around 30-60 percent.

It is less than 30% in the colder regions, while in the hot and humid equatorial and tropical climates, it can reach as high as more than 90%.

In the hot summer days, we often feel like sweating and feel stickiness due to humidity in the air.

Your list of precautions only becomes longer as there are a few sets of precautions that apply to you in case you live in highly humid climates.

Is there a relation between humidity and the triggering of asthma symptoms?

People suffering from asthma they all use Levolin inhaler or some other types of inhalers. But do you know that the humid air is not suitable for you?

To be exact, you are at more risk to suffer from asthma symptoms living in a highly humid place.

See, humid air is harder to breathe in due to the presence of water.

Generally, when people suffer from asthma attacks their air passages get narrowed down. And due to this breathing in humid air can be more difficult for a patient suffering from asthma symptoms.

Due to humidity, there is also a chance of the tiny water droplets sticking in the dust particles, soot, smoke, asbestos dust, and small pollen in the air.

This can severely increase the chance of suffering from asthma symptoms.

In regions of humidity more than 60 percent there is a chance of growth of molds on the wet surfaces. And mites present in your bedsheets and furniture or clothing too can thrive in these humid conditions.

How to confirm that your asthma attack has been triggered by excess humidity?

Well, there is one obvious reason that anyone can determine and that is on the excess humid days. If the humidity levels are already too high and become even higher you suffer from an even bigger risk of an asthma attack.

Apart from this, there are no significant ways to tell whether your asthma attack has been triggered by humidity.

The symptoms are similar to a normal asthma attack that includes-


Breathing difficulty


Tightness in the chest

Being out of breath easily

How can you prevent asthma triggered due to excess humidity?

Well, you cannot change the weather outside but you can certainly change the weather in your room. Here are some common ways apart from using your Duolin inhaler to prevent an asthma attack-

Use an air conditioner in your rooms

Turn on the air conditioner in the room on the high humidity days. You can also have an AC that has the humidity and pollutant control features in the AC. This will let you know the exact level of humidity that suits you and thus you can live life better.

Install a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is one of the important gadgets that are a must-have for asthma patients living in excess humid environments. The dehumidifier will suck off the excess humidity from the air and thus make the air crispier and breathable.

Keep your walls insulated

Installing insulation foam on the walls might prevent the walls from soaking in the water during the rainy season when the humidity levels can rise drastically.

This will keep off the excess humidity in your rooms inside. They can also come in pretty handy during the long summer seasons when the temperatures are unbearable.

Make sure to have an exhaust in your bathroom

Do you know that many times people have been using an Levolin inhaler according to prescription but still suffered from asthma symptoms?

Did you know where such asthma attacks occur? You might as well be surprised to know that majority of the asthma patients have a high risk of suffering from asthma symptoms in the bathroom.

Yes, due to the use of water and being less ventilated the humidity is always trapped inside. Make sure to use long windows and install an exhaust in your bathroom.

Turn on the exhaust in your bathroom at least 15-20 minutes before going for a shower. You can also install a dehumidifier as mentioned above in your bathroom.

Not going out on the warm and humid days

One of the best ways to prevent asthma apart from the use of a Levolin inhaler is to remain indoors during the hot and humid days. If you don’t come in contact with the high humid air, the chances of suffering from asthma symptoms are also lower.

Always keep your rescue inhaler if outside

If you have to go outside for an emergency purpose then make sure to carry your Duolin inhaler without failure. This will at least come in very handy in case you have sudden asthma symptoms while you are outside.

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