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For a year, the globe has been living in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, putting enormous strain on the events industry, among others. With limited indoor capacity and a population less willing to be in the actual presence of others, the event industry has adopted virtual event delivery. The most commonly used online event planning tools are equipped with features like video, voice, and text chat, screen sharing, conference recording, and many more. There are some benefits of conducting virtual events too.

  More profitable

An online event has no limit on the number of virtual guests. This implies that it has the potential to be more profitable than traditional events. There is no need to rely entirely on attendees’ physical presence.

  Available to an entirely new market

Because of the relative ease of attending an online event, people from all over the world who would not have heard if the event had just been physical now have the opportunity to learn and contribute information. Whether in academics, industry, or elsewhere, there is the possibility of discovering a whole new time zone of possible guests.

  Getting more data

The opportunity to acquire data for learning purposes grows as more worldwide guests participate. Because many individuals will be signing in via online platforms, one can get statistics on which subjects draw the most visitors, duration of stay, attendee’s place of origin, etc. Global attendance data may also be used to uncover new markets interested in one’s content. 

Running online events takes thorough preparation and planning. From the initial event concept through the check-in process, the events team is responsible for staying on top of all aspects of event preparation.

It is critical to adhere to the notion of providing digital attendees with the best level of interaction quality possible. As a result, one must ensure that their technology, the setup for the online event planning tools, is tested, perfect, and ready to go while providing event information to guests in the most engaging manner possible.

The top ten event planning tools mentioned below

Mixhubb Users may use Mixhubb on a smartphone, tablet, or computer to meet and collaborate with people on the go for free. It has screen-sharing, file-sharing options, text translation support, call recording, and live subtitles.


Dreamcast is a video conferencing tool that allows one to meet with their team and even broadcast a webinar to thousands of participants. It is best suited for virtual corporate events. It includes secure online conferencing as well as automatic provisioning.


For unique event locations, Tripleseat is the finest event planning software. It’s a sales and event management online software designed chiefly for restaurants, hotels, and venues. One may improve event sales and expedite the planning process by using Tripleseat.


Akkroo uses digital marketing automation and CRM technologies to acquire qualified leads at events. It is simple to combine with other prominent business platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.

Trello Boards

Trello is another excellent list-making and project-management application that works well with event organizers. Their board and card system provides visual tools to keep colleagues on track. And its user-friendly at-a-glance project update interface keeps event planners calm at all times.


This team and project management software has become a must-have in most event planners’ toolboxes. Monday provides a very visual monitoring system with simple status updates, whether one is supervising a team of in-house planners or attempting to get all of your event providers on the same page. While not expressly designed for events, this application may be readily customized for any collaborative endeavor, including conferences, seminars, and road shows.


The event management software from Cvent automates and streamlines the event planning process. Begin by locating a location and conclude with customized dashboards and data following the event.


With a single annual cost, Fonteva allows you to manage an infinite number of events. Fonteva is a beautiful option if one is hosting an event with international attendees. The system supports over a hundred payment methods, allowing guests to pay for tickets and other things without worrying about currency changes. Additionally, event planners might create a temporary event webpage to keep people interested. For example, one can share forums, contests, and other online activities in the days preceding the event.


It is an easy-to-use online business meeting platform for developing customized forms and registration workflows. Regpack provides a customized and enjoyable candidate experience with its automated communication tool.

Social Table

Social Table is a cloud-based technology that connects planners and properties, allowing them to collaborate online for planning and execution on all fronts. It brings together the Planner, Caterer, Venue suppliers, and other connected stakeholders on a single cloud platform to successfully cooperate on a great floor design.

Training is not required for any new user due to its straightforward and user-friendly interface. This platform’s essential features include a seating diagram, visual seating, text notifications, and an integrated check-in app.


A CRM (customer relationship management tool) is the most critical tool for any business that cares about its clients, which includes every firm that produces events. Before and after the event, a CRM may assist one in managing attendees’ information and establishing solid relationships. It is critical to collect attendees’ information neatly.

A CRM may help one to trace and manage each person’s journey through time. Tracking their journey is critical for demonstrating the ROI of each event and the influence one’s team has on revenue. Now that one has a list of the best virtual platforms for events and their primary features, one must assess what is most important to their needs and make an informed choice. People in the 21st century are blessed to utilize Event Management software since they are meant to achieve astonishing and dramatic results. These technologies encourage professional management practices and the most OK venue arrangement. 

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