The Future of Brazilian Butt Lift, According to an Expert

Brazilian Butt Lift

Curvy female forms are back in fashion. Now the fair sex is dreaming not only of beautiful breasts: women demand elastic and sexy buttocks, like Brazilian beauties. But, unfortunately, with the help of physical exercises, it is far from always possible to achieve a fit priests. In this case, the help of a plastic surgeon is needed.  Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift (lifting)

Before the operation, the patient undergoes a series of standard examinations (ECG, urinalysis, blood tests, etc.). Only then can the buttocks be lifted.

The main indication for a tightening is a pronounced relaxation of the buttocks with sagging skin in its lower part. The surgeon removes the excess sagging of the lower half of the buttock tissue by reducing its vertical size. Instead of an elongated and flattened shape, the buttocks become taut and rounded.

There are various techniques for performing this operation, but most often in the upper area of ​​the buttocks, a significant portion of the skin flap (up to 15 cm) is excised, and the lower area is moved vertically upward, completely straightening all skin folds. The surgical intervention lasts several hours and ends with a layered cosmetic suture.

After the BBL surgery, the patient is in the hospital for about a day under the supervision of doctors. The very next day it is allowed to sit. You can wash in the shower from 3 days. As for the compression garments, they are not worn. The final result from the operation is assessed only 2 months after the operation.

Buttocks augmentation

There is also an operation aimed at changing not only the shape, but also the size of the buttocks – gluteoplasty (buttock plastic). This operation is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the soft tissues of the pelvis. Any healthy person, both a woman and a man, can become a candidate to want to get healthcare solutions for gluteoplasty.

Shape and size of implants

Today, plastic surgeons have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of special gluteal implants, which make it possible to raise and round the contour of the buttocks. The shape and size of the implants are selected taking into account the wishes of the patient, the opinion of the surgeon himself and the anatomical features of the body.

In buttock endoprosthetics, two types of implants are used: round and anatomical, just like breast implants. They can be smooth and textured. In terms of structure, gluteal implants differ from those used for breast augmentation. The glutes have a more durable structure: a dense shell filled with a highly cohesive gel allows the implant to withstand intense loads (running, walking, squatting).

How is the operation performed?

During the operation, the surgeon places the implants on both sides between the gluteal muscles through a single micro-incision in the lower part of the sacrum, and then the musculocutaneous tissue is sutured. As a result of gluteoplasty, the buttocks immediately take their natural shape. It is imperative that after buttock augmentation, compression underwear is used, which helps to reduce discomfort and swelling.


The Brazilian Butt Lift are the part of the body that takes an active part in walking, squatting and many other body movements, which explains the rather long recovery period after gluteoplasty (compared to other plastic surgeries) – 4 months. To eliminate temporary discomfort and pain, the patient is prescribed pain relievers. After the operation, very little edema appears, so the next day the patient sees the aesthetic effect of the operation, and after a few days he can walk and sit freely. But full-fledged physical activity is allowed only after a month after the operation.

“My work experience has shown that women more and more often think about augmentation of the buttocks, creating a neat and beautiful shape, but fear disruption of the anatomy of the buttocks, scars and rupture of implants,” says GI Tumakov, leading specialist at hayatmed. “However, our techniques for tightening and augmentation of the gluteal muscles are based on the developments of one of the most famous specialists in the world. The Brazilian surgeon at hayatmed, with whom Professor Frau Clinic, hayatmed, worked for a long time. Unique techniques and techniques, honed for decades, allow us to achieve the most natural result with the least tissue trauma. “

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