How to Draw Angry Bird?

Draw Angry Bird

How to Draw Angry Bird. Angry Birds started as a mobile game and was released in 2009, and since then, it has become an entire media empire. Many more games, toys, television shows, and even movies were released since the game’s introduction, and it’s still trendy today! The series is known for its colorful and varied characters, all full of personality and expression.

Many fans like fan art creation with these characters; if you are one of them, learning to draw birds is a great way to do it! It is the perfect tutorial for all those who love these colorful birds. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing, and many moreĀ cool drawings.

Drawing Angry Bird

Step 1:

In mobile games, Angry Birds characters are small and round, their faces being the only distinct feature they have. The design we make in this guide on how to draw Angry Bird is more based on the appearance of this character’s movie because it will have members and be placed. For this first step, we will draw the top of your head. You can start by drawing rounded lines with small sharp curves to the top of the head.

The slight curves will be to make your outline a little plus. There will also be a pity on his head, so you can finish this step by drawing your two prominent eyebrows. Don’t forget to include yourself, because we want to look angry!

Step 2:

We will draw guns for the character for this second stage of your angry bird’s design. His arms will be extended abroad, with the extremities extended in his fists to show more than this boy feels quite angry! Your arms will be relatively short but also quite thick and streaky. To draw your arms, we will use certain lines similar to the ones you used at the top of the head. This means we will use curved lines with sharp pieces that exceed them to give them the impression of having a Plume’s texture.

Step 3:

To continue this guide on how to draw an angry bird, we will draw the body outline of the bird before we start adding more details to the interior. On the back, use a smooth and down curved line. For your stomach, we would prefer to use another line similar to the others you have used before, which means drawing a curved line with some sharp pieces. Then you can add a small truncated section near the background. This will form the high weight of your leg, and we will draw the rest of the leg at the next stage.

Step 4:

This next part of your irritated bird design will see that you will add the rest of the legs with other details. First, use small rounded lines to create your foot under the truncated plumes section you designed in the previous step. Then draw another one of these small plume sections at the side of the body, then draw another foot, giving it the impression that it begins.

So we designed his beak. This will be designed using curved lines to create the beak that is twisted in an irritated grimace. The last thing to add before the next step is a rounded line to the stomach contour.

Step 5:

You are now ready to add the keys and the final details before going to the last step of this guide on how to draw an angry bird. First of all, we take his eyes. These will be oval and will go directly under their prominent eyebrows. Draw a circle inside each and add a point inside to your students. Then draw some details of the line around the eyes and face and add a shredded line inside the chest. Finish by drawing some small rectangular forms on the back of the overtaking tail. Once everyone is drawn, you can also add your details!

Step 6:

This is the last step in your irritated bird drawing, and we’ll end up with a specific color. In our reference image, we went with the usual game of the colors of this character’s red tones. You can use it to guide it if you want to accompany your typical color palette. You can also create your irritated bird character by modifying details and following different colors! How will you finish your brilliant drawing?

Five tips to make your bird draw even better!

This advice for your angry bird outline will surely make you happy! However, there are many more characters you can add to the image! When you choose these characters, you can choose from Angry Birds or games and add them to the scene. With so many options, which characters will you add? The irritated bird in this image is based on a character in the movie Angry Birds. To give this image a different feeling, you can change it to look like the same character as the games. Fortunately, the characters in the games are straightforward in shape and detail, so it would be easy to change this character to look like that.

Another way to add this irritated bird drawing would be to add some of the bad guys and other obstacles that can be found in the game. You can also build structures where this bird could fly, as you would in games. This drawing shows this annoyed bird standing on the floor, but you can change it to look like it flies in the air. To do this, you would need to change the position of your members and perhaps have a little drool in your feathers. Then you can add curved lines behind it to show your trajectory.

Maybe you can also draw the sky with clouds behind it. In games, you will play in several colorful places. You can use some of these places as the bottom of your angry bird sketch! This context can be based on a current location, or you can project your location on Angry Birds. What kind of background would best fit the type of situation you want to represent?

Your irritated bird drawing is complete!

You have come to the end of this guide on drawing an irritated bird, and we hope the work has made you happy instead of angry! As long as you follow all steps and take your time with you, you can draw this colorful character in a short time. So when you finish, you can modify or add details about your choice to customize the image more.

It’s your chance to have fun showing creativity, so go ahead and see what you can find! If you have fun with this guide, you can go to our site for many other guides like this. We often download new ones, so you must register frequently, never to lose.

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