Myths of Kitchen Marble Countertops of Your Home

Kitchen Marble Countertops

Kitchen marble countertops are not any longer merely a useful piece of your kitchen. They will become a particular part of the planning decisions and aesthetic of your home. We tend to love serving to customers discover their choices for countertops, and these days we’re sharing what we’ve learned concerning one notably using material marble.

A marble maybe a rock material product of recrystallized minerals like spar or dolomite. It’s collected, cut, and polished to make the shiny glaze you see within the well-liked countertops. Also, marble is taken into account as a stone and is found or developed into multiple completely different colours and applications.

The myths kitchen marble countertops:

Though marble is incredibly common and recognized by millions, there are tons of misconceptions concerning it as a tabletop material. Let’s expose some of those myths; therefore, you’ll be able to create a conversant call as a shopper.

Marble is high maintenance:

Retailers or bloggers commonly cite this story. However, it’s not true. The kitchen marble countertops may be a porous stone, which suggests it is stained. However, couldn’t you always say for your couch? Spills of dark liquids ought to be cleaned up as before long as doable to forestall staining; however, that’s all it takes.

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Marble is pricey:

In the past, marble was marketed as a luxury tabletop material, and price over a laminate tabletop that was well-liked at the time. Marble undoubtedly provides that high-end look; however, it’s cheaper than most granite and quartz choices.

Marble isn’t food safe:

Because marble is porous, there are fears that it will become a bunch for bacterium and unsafe for food. As long as you utilize a correct seal (which exists on most home tabletop marble), you ought not to worry concerning bacterium or food safety. Keep your lock-in sensible order and wipe down Kitchen marble countertops frequently.

Marble is too soft:

It is right. However, this isn’t to mention its flimsy. It’s still a firm stone that may stand the check of your time, even in an exceedingly high-use space sort of a room island.

Marble is too familiar:

When marble became well-liked, there was an abundance of brown & black marble countertops around the country. Many of us grew to believe that this was the only marble choice. It solely takes one check up on a marble choice board to envision that your options for color and grain are comprehensive and fascinating. You’ll be able to select a marble tabletop that meets your style desires and appears original.

Marble is simply for show:

Many people assume this luxury stone is simply for show and serves no practical purpose. Not true. Marble kitchen marble countertops Loudoun County are excellent for kitchens as a result of its onerous, swish surface is right for rolling out the dough for dishes, pies, and cookies. It also can face up to the wear and tear and tear of everyday change of state. Greasy substances like oil and butter are removed simply with a soft liquid formulation. All you would like maybe a damp textile to sop up the formulation and a clean, soft towel to dry the surface. As a result, many householders select marble for its skillfulness, sturdiness, and easy maintenance.

Marble is broken:

Since marble maybe a soft stone, it will develop scratches and dents with regular use. However, with correct precautions like careful usage of knives and cutting boards, you’ll be able to avoid this and different forms of injury.

You may additionally take into account selecting a sharp end to avoid scratches. This sort of marble is sanded and options a soft, matte lot that helps hide marks. A cultured marble tabletop can show flaws additional clearly.

Marble may be a parcel of land for the bacterium:

Since marble is porous, there’s an idea that bacterium may be a drawback. The very fact is it contains medicinal properties that create surface proof against mold and bacterium.

For added protection, use medicine cleaner for regular improvement.

Marble desires frequent protection:

All-natural stone kitchen countertops ought to ideally be sealed throughout installation so annually afterwards. However, the frequency of resealing depends on the sort of stone. Consult with your stone provider to find out a way to properly maintain your marble tabletop.

While some pricey single-application sealants provide a lifespan guarantee against staining, lower-priced ones may have perennial applications. Regular improvement and therefore, the use of trivets and potholders also can extend the lifetime of your tabletop. Frequent protection, meanwhile, may result in an exceedingly white haze that’s very troublesome to induce eliminate.

You have tons of tabletop choices, and perhaps quartz or granite is that the most suitable choice for you. Don’t create your call against marble to be supported these common however whole peripheral myths.


The beauty of kitchen marble countertops stands the check of your time. These myths typically stop some owners from marbles in their areas. The reality is, white marble is a superb selection for any kitchen countertops. White marble reflects a brightness because of the veining of the stone, and its ne’er appearance or feels cold or sterile.

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