The Secret Of Choosing Curtains For Your Home

Choosing Curtains For Your Home

Curtains are not only protective but also decorative, creating a soft, cozy, and harmonious beauty, enhancing the house’s overall aesthetic. To add the perfect beauty to your living space, please refer to the following tips for choosing curtains for your home.

Choose a particular style that is in harmony with the interior space.

When choosing curtains, first of all, you must know what style your house belongs to and the harmony with the overall interior space of the room, then select the curtain for your home. With a classic-style room, high ceilings, wide walls, and sophisticated floral motifs, multi-layer fabric curtains are the most suitable choice.

In a house with low height, small, dark windows, or a modern architectural style, you should choose light curtains, light in color, and a simple design. With European or French-style houses, you should select double-layer curtains and iron or wooden curtain rods with details. 

Choose curtains for your home without embossed patterns for modern and straightforward townhouses. Note that the design is small and hollow. It will not distract the eyes and contribute to the highlighting of the furniture. Do not use ruffled curtains for townhouses.

Suitable curtain size

When using curtains for a function room, you should pay attention to the size of that room. The length of the curtain should be about 30cm from the floor or about 20cm below the window. It should not fall to the floor or drop to the middle distance because it will create the feeling that the curtain is short, reducing the aesthetics—of available space in the room.

For curtain colors

One of the essential things to choose when decorating curtains is to select the color for the curtains. Different colors will affect the overall space of the room and your emotions. Depending on the length, choose the right shade of curtains. For houses or rooms that are narrow and lack light, choosing curtains with bright colors will help make the area airier. For large rooms with large windows and lots of light, you should choose darker colored curtains.

Choosing seasonal curtain colors is also a current trend, but it is a problem for those who can afford them because curtains rarely change in a year. If you have the opportunity, you should choose colors such as blue, pink, cream, and green with summer curtains. However, it would be best if you did not use curtains with too many colors, even in large rooms, because it may make your space less luxurious.

With winter curtains, you should choose deep, dark colors such as dark cream, chocolate, Bordeaux red, and dark blue. These colors will bring a warm and close feeling to your living space.

With walls painted white and cream, you should choose curtains that are similar in color to the wall paint color. This choice will create a consistency in the interior decoration of the house that is equally attractive.

Besides, you can choose a color that complements the wall color to create a different impression for the space. For example, if your walls are blue, you should select orange curtains to create a complementary effect. If the walls are painted in striking colors, you can choose curtains with neutral colors like cream or butter to help calm the space, especially on hot summer days.

Choose a curtain material.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of blinds made from materials with many different designs and colors, such as fabric blinds, wooden blinds, plastic blinds, and aluminum blinds.

However, fabric curtains are still the most popular and chosen by many people because this type of curtain is often rich in colors and designs, suitable for many different interior styles, and easy to install and wash.

Thin curtains will have a lot of light to help the room become more extensive and, at the same time, save electricity. Some types of curtains are thick and soft for a luxurious and noble style, such as velvet, brocade, and silk. Or simple, delicate, and colorful such as linen, cotton, chiffon, or lace for spaces with limited space. You can choose slightly rough surface fabrics if you prefer a more “friendly” style, such as canvas, canvas, tweed, and brocade.

 Choose the perfect curtains for each space.

Choose curtains for the living room.

Curtains are chosen to help increase the feeling of comfort and coziness in the space, showing the aesthetic taste and style of the owner. Large, wide, automatic curtains are considered the best fit for living room spaces.

Choose curtains for the bedroom.

As a space that needs privacy, the bedroom curtains are more protective than decorative. Choosing curtains for the bedroom is best to choose a relatively thick fabric, double-layer curtains, and roller blinds. These types of blinds have the advantage of reasonable light control. They are easy to adjust to the darkness when needed.

Particularly for small bedrooms, you can use striped curtains. And light colors create the “illusion” of increasing the height and depth of the room, making the space airier and broader.

Choose curtains for the kitchen.

It would help if you chose horizontal blinds, which are decorative, flexible in use, and easy to clean. To create a natural feeling, you should choose wooden blinds. But for modern spaces, aluminum blinds will be the best choice.

Choose curtains for the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place that is often exposed to water and high humidity. So it would help if you chose a waterproof curtain. Currently, on the market, there are blinds made from plastic and vinyl synthetic blinds with good water repellent advantages. They are very suitable for bathrooms.

When choosing curtains for the bathroom, you should note that you should choose short curtains. Because when long curtains touch the floor, they are often exposed to water. It will lead to moldy, wrinkled, and quickly damaged conditions.


Above is the “secret” to choosing curtains for your home to be more cozy and harmonious. I hope this article will help you choose the best curtains. In addition, don’t forget to find coupons for curtains before purchasing, which will help you save a lot of money when choosing curtains for your home. 

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