Situations to Call A Dr For Back Or Neck Pain & What’s Worse

Back Or Neck Pain

Today, Back Or neck pain is the common issue faced by many individuals. Stress, work or other daily activity can lead to pain in neck and back. Many times, the problems disappear within a couple of weeks. At the same time, this issue can point to a health condition. If the pain is unbearable and lasts more than two weeks, then it is better to seek a clinician.

You may likely not have a health problem but identifying the pain earlier can help to treat it quickly. You can also seek help from the Pain Management Dr. Now let us see when to call a doctor for a neck and back pain.

The factors to consider 

  • If the pain lasts longer than two weeks, then seek professional help. Check if the pain has reduced in the week. If the shooting pain affects your daily activity, then immediately call a doctor.
  • Regular neck and back pain reduces after following home remedies. The heat pad or home remedies are not working for you, call a doctor to seek help.
  • If the shooting pain comes with tingling, numbness, or dizziness, then it is best to call a doctor.
  • If the low back pain affects your movement, then contact a physician.

The factors that point to medical attention

Unbearable pain that affects the sleep 

Sometimes, back pain can be brutal. It can also affect sleep of a person. It may not conclude that you have a serious health problem. However, if the pain lasts unusually longer, then it is best to seek professional help. Back or neck pain with fever can indicate a health issue. Infections or injury may cause this pain. If you experience a piercing pain in the neck and back area with fever then visit the health professional.

Patients with a past chronic health issue 

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, then seek immediate professional help when experiencing neck or back pain. The growing cancer cells can cause this kind of symptom. Cancer may cause pressure to the vessels, muscles and organs in the body. A scorching pain may occur in the situation if the tumor is large. Patients with any severe health issue in the past should contact a clinician immediately when experiencing alarming neck or back pain.

Individuals over the age of 50 

Ageing can increase back and neck pain in some individuals. Also, in women, this pain is more when they attain menopause. Low physical workout or obesity is an underlying cause of back and neck pain in elderly persons. However, if you suspect that pain in the neck or back are abnormal they call a clinician immediately.

Most of the times, health adviser may prescribe physical therapy or weight loss treatments in normal conditions. If the neck or back pain is a symptom of underlying fatal health issue then they may prescribe surgery or treatment.

Individuals with bowel and bladder issue 

Individuals with bowel and bladder health issue often feel weak. If the condition worsens they can experience Sharp pain in neck or back. If you are experiencing numbness, scorching pain, loss of sensation and weakness then contact a clinician immediately. Some of the serious conditions can also lead to back surgery.

Individuals with trauma and accidents 

The patient with a critical trauma or accident in the past should be alert when experience back or neck pain. If you are experiencing sharp pain for more than a week then call a doctor for help. This pain may be due to the after-effects of injury or any other underlying health issue.

The worst conditions of neck or back pain

Disc Herniation

Disc Herniation is a daunting condition that causes neck or back pain. It is commonly known as a pinched nerve and burning disc. This pain is extreme and long-lasting. This condition can also cause pain in the leg. The disc problem occurs due to the issue in the lumbar spine. A physical therapist can help you with this condition. Stretching and exercise can control pain. At times surgical treatments are required if the condition persists after physical therapy.

Spinal Osteoarthritis

This condition can occur due to damage in the cartilage of the neck and neck. The bone spurs with this condition can increase the pain in the area. Mostly symptom of this issue is back and neck pain. Patients with the condition can opt for medical treatments or surgeries.

Spinal Stenosis

This spinal health problem is a cause of narrowing bone. This condition may seem normal at the start but pain can build intensively over some time. Your health clinician may prescribe exercise, injection or even surgery in worst cases.


Neck and back pain are two common issues that can grow if there is no proper treatment. Rarely is it an underlying symptom of severe health issue. However, the patients with past medical history such as cancer, arthritis, the stroke should seek immediate help when experiencing this situation.

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