Zaitoon City Lahore can give you your dream home back

Zaitoon City Lahore

Home is one of the essential things in a person’s life; for many, it’s also one of the most challenging things to come by. If you’re living in a cramped and ugly apartment, or if your current home is far from where you work or school, Zaitoon City Lahore can help. The development platform offers a wide range of homes – from small two-bedroom apartments to luxurious five-bedroom homes – at an affordable prices. And if you need help getting your mortgage approved or finding the perfect property, the team at Zaitoon City Lahore is more than happy to help. So if you’re looking for a new home that will make you happier than ever, give Zaitoon City Lahore a try. You won’t regret it.

What is Zaitoon City Lahore?

It is a residential town in the Sheikhupura District of Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 2013 as part of the Zaitoon Town Plan. The town has an area of.

The town offers a tranquil environment with plenty of greenery. It also has all the modern amenities such as hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Residents can enjoy various recreational activities like biking, golfing and hiking in the surrounding areas.

The town has been designed sustainably, providing ample green spaces and rainwater harvesting facilities to reduce water usage. It also features air-conditioning and solar panels to reduce energy costs.

Roads and railways well connect the town. There are frequent buses available to all major cities in Punjab. The airport is only away from the town.

Background of Zaitoon City Lahore

This city is now one of Pakistan’s most popular and fastest-growing urban conglomerates. It was started by a group of young entrepreneurs with the vision to provide quality living spaces at an affordable price for their fellow citizens. The city has been designed with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that all residents have access to world-class amenities and services. From its iconic skyscrapers and lush gardens to its expansive shopping districts and vibrant nightlife options, Zaitoon City Lahore has something for everyone.

The city’s origins date back to 2009 when a young entrepreneurs pooled their resources to start Zaitoon City Development Company (ZCDC). Their goal was simple – to create a vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis that would offer quality living spaces at an affordable price for the masses. With the support of investors and government agencies, ZCDC quickly gained traction and began developing the city into what it is today.

Today, ZCDC boasts an impressive array of world-class amenities and services that make it one of the most desirable places to live in Lahore. From top-of-the-line restaurants and shopping districts to luxurious spas and state-of-the-art hospitals, there is something for everyone in Zaitoon City Lahore.

The city has also been blessed with some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Pakistan – the perfect backdrop for a relaxing weekend getaway or long voyage away from the

The Development of Zaitoon City 

Zaitoon City Lahore is a planned city located on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan. The city was designed by award-winning architect Carlo Scarpa and was built between 2007 and 2009. It has a population of over 100,000 and features an extensive park system, wide boulevards and lush gardens.

The development of Zaitoon City is a result of decades of planning and efforts by many people. The original concept for the city was first developed in the early 1990s, but it was in 2007 that work on the project began in earnest. Located just outside of Lahore, Zaitoon City represents a new direction for urban development in Pakistan.

The city’s design was based on architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and sociology principles. The goal was to create a functional city that would be both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Features like large parks and continuous green spaces help to reduce energy consumption and provide residents with plenty of recreation opportunities.

Zaitoon City is also unique for its focus on pedestrian transportation infrastructure. All major streets are spaced far apart to allow safe walking conditions while providing ample space for street vendors and other commercial activities. This approach helps reduce traffic congestion while providing residents with quick access to shops and restaurants.

Overall, Zaitoon City represents a striking example of how urban development can be designed to create both efficient communities and stunning landscapes.

What Amenities are Available in Zaitoon City Lahore?

Many Amenities can be found in Zaitoon City Lahore. Some of the amenities include:

-A well-developed infrastructure

-Many shopping and leisure options

-Universal access to all types of healthcare facilities

-International schools, colleges and universities

How Much is the Price of Properties in Zaitoon City Lahore?

Property prices in Zaitoon City Lahore are on the rise. Owning a property in this city is no longer affordable for everyone. Prices of properties have increased by up to seventy per cent in a short period. Developers are currently finding it difficult to get buyers, as there has been an increase in demand from the upper class who want to invest in real estate.

The average price for a property in Zaitoon City Lahore is around Rs 2 million. Properties close to the city centre and located on prime plots command much more than this. Some properties situated further away from the city centre and have less desirable areas have been sold for as low as Rs 200,000. However, if you are looking for a property that offers good value for your money, you should look towards areas such as Gulberg or Wah Cantt, where prices start at Rs 1 million.

How to get a home in Zaitoon City, Lahore?

There are many ways to get a home in Zaitoon City, Lahore.

The first way is to find an agent or housing consultant. They can help you search for a property that meets your needs, and they can also help you negotiate the best deal.

Another way is to go through a home-buying agency. These companies can assist you with all the paperwork and negotiations involved in purchasing a home.

The final way is to find a property on your own. You can use websites like to find properties in your desired area, or you can contact local agents who may be able to show you around some homes that fit your needs.

The benefits of living in Zaitoon City Lahore

Zaitoon City Lahore is a dream destination for people who want to live in a city with all the modern conveniences yet retains its traditional charm. The city has excellent infrastructure, world-class hospitals and schools, and a wide range of recreational and entertainment offerings. In addition, living in Zaitoon City Lahore can give you your dream home back – as houses are relatively affordable here compared to other cities in Pakistan. Moreover, Zaitoon City Lahore is also a safe city, with low crime rates and excellent public transport.

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What are the prices of homes in Zaitoon City, Lahore?

The prices of homes in Zaitoon City Lahore vary depending on the location and size of the home. For instance, a two-bedroom flat can cost anywhere from Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 2 million. However, if you’re looking for a luxurious home with all the amenities, your bill could easily exceed Rs. 3 million!

Financing a home in Zaitoon City, Lahore

Many financing options are available when buying a property in Zaitoon City, Lahore. Here are some of the most popular:

1. Loan from Family and Friends:

This is the easiest and most common way to finance a home purchase in Zaitoon City, Lahore. You can easily borrow money from your family and friends, who may be happy to help you out with a mortgage or loan. Make sure you have enough collateral to secure the loan, increasing your chances of getting approved.

2. Get a Mortgage:

If you have an excellent credit score and enough money, you can get a mortgage to buy a home in Zaitoon City, Lahore. A mortgage will require more paperwork and proof of income, but it is typically less expensive than borrowing money from friends or family.

3. Use Equity in Your Property:

If you don’t have enough money to buy a home in Zaitoon City Lahore outright, you can use the equity in your property – which is the difference between what your home is worth and what you owe on it. To finance the purchase. This option can be risky, but if done correctly, it could result in an affordable home purchase without any debt payments for several years.

No matter which financing option you choose, consult with a qualified real estate agent in Zaitoon City, who can walk you through all the details and help make your dream of owning.


Zaitoon City is one of the latest neighbourhoods in Lahore to be developed. It’s located on the city’s edge and boasts a beautiful skyline with high-rise buildings sure to impress. The development offers a wide range of amenities, including supermarkets, cinemas, hospitals, schools, etc. If you’re looking for a place to call home, check out Zaitoon City Lahore!

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