6 benefits of snail, the most prominent of which is skin hydration


It is known that beauty companies extract from “snail” a liquid known as “golden liquid”, which is used in the manufacture of many cosmetics, which are used in the treatment of skin problems, but not only that, but rather adopted beauty salons and houses

She is also on that animal, but in its living image, because they believe that the gelatinous fluid that it secretes from contact with the skin will contribute to the treatment of many skin diseases, such as acne, so what is the correctness of that?

Small, sticky, belonging to mollusks, it secretes a gelatinous substance that helps it move, and its body covers a solid calcareous shell, hiding inside, and then coming out of it, to secrete what was collected from that transparent white liquid, which some believe is of great importance to the health of the skin-paying a lot of people to buy it, to benefit from it.

The benefits of a snail on the skin

This is what Sania, 24 years old, did, as she bought the snail three months ago, “Ulan Line”, through a group on the social networking site “Facebook”, but at first, she did not know the best way to deal with it, a small animal that puts a little Food and water, until she put it on her face, and let it move a little, and the latter secreted that white liquid rich in large quantities of collagen.

After a few days, the twenty-year-old girl began to notice the change in her skin, as it became more smooth and fresh than before, and other benefits that only the best skin specialist in Islamabad review in the following lines:

 Treating acne:

The soft substance secreted by the snail helps to get rid of the harmful microbes that cause acne, It acts as a disinfectant and cleanser for the dirt and dust that accumulate on the face and clog the pores of the skin.

Delaying the appearance of wrinkles:

The jelly fluid secreted by the snail contains a substance known as elastic, which works to treat fine lines that appear on the skin, as well as stimulate the skin to regenerate its cells, which reduces the chances of the appearance of signs of aging, especially wrinkles

Skin Moisturizing:

The gel produced by the snail contains hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the skin to produce collagen necessary for its freshness and smoothness, which reduces the chances of it being exposed to dryness and chapping.

Getting rid of skin pigmentation:

Many women suffer from Skin pigmentation as a result of using low cosmetics and direct exposure to sunlight for a long time, which makes the snail liquid the ideal choice for them in this case because it contributes to maintaining the color of the skin, in addition to getting rid of dark circles and dark spots.

Glycolic acid

which is a chemical peel that helps remove dead skin cells, soften the top layer of the skin and stimulate the formation of other layers that are more vibrant and fresh.

Treatment of skin infections:

The woman who went to buy this animal, when Safaa, 33 years old, bought it for her mother, who suffers from severe skin infections, creams, and home remedies did not help her, which prompted her to put the snail on the affected areas on her face, and its effects quickly disappeared.

After three weeks of use, this explains why the FDA approved cosmetics that contain allantoin extracted from the transparent secretions of the snail; this substance has a significant role in treating scars, wounds, and infections that the skin is exposed to extensively.

Important Before using the snail on the skin, and when the pet-loving Maryam learned the many benefits of this animal, she decided to buy it, and waited for it to reap more fresh and smoother skin than before, but after only two sessions of using it, her skin contracted severe infections, which prompted her to visit.

Snail Found To Be A Drying Agent For Aging Skin

The doctor, to tell her that she had contracted a bacterial infection, as a result of lack of interest in changing the mud that she brought for the snail to live with from time to time, which prompted her to know the instructions that must be followed before using it, including:

1- You must be careful to change the mud in which the snail lives from time to time because it is a moist environment and attracts bacteria, which threaten the skin with some health problems.

2- 2- To keep exposing the mud in which the snail lives to sunlight on a daily basis, to eliminate the bacteria that grow in it.

3- 3 – Not to subject the skin to snail sessions more than twice a day because repeated skin contact with the gel-like fluid it secretes may cause severe infections.

4- 4- Clean the skin well with water before using the snail to avoid skin infections.

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