A step-by-step guide to Hydra facial: What are the benefits?

Hydra facial

Have you been invited to a kitty party, and you’ve to make urgent amendments, but your skin looks dull and worn-out? Well, there’s no need to worry since the quick hydra facial has your back. You can effortlessly find hydra facials in Dubai or anywhere else. Let’s scroll down and see how it works.

How does Hydra Facial work? 

Hydra facial, otherwise known as Hollywood facial, has become one of the most treasured revolutions in the cosmetic industry. The facial is done on the face with a patented device, which delivers exfoliation, cleaning, hydration and extraction. The system uses a vortex swirling action to impose hydration and remove dead skin, excessive dirt and debris while cleansing and soothing your skin.

Apart from the complete specification, hydra facials arrive with multiple steps that we’ve rounded up for you below. 

Step # 1- Hydra facial Cleanses your Skin

The first step of the process includes cleansing and exfoliation. Using a hydra peel tip and vortex cleaning, the physician will gently massage the skin with a hydra facial wand. It’s a step that works on removing dead skin cells and sebum by gently exposing the facial pores. Most consumers have resembled it by applying a revolving electric toothbrush to the jaw cuticles.

Step # 2- Chemical Peeling and Extraction 

Next, the physician will switch the wand’s tip to deliver chemical peeling. Unlike other chemical peels that are often harsh and painful on the skin, hydra facials opt for a gentle approach with a mix of salicylic and glycolic acids for an effective peel. The purpose of this step is to extract the debris within the pores. In this regard, the physician will use a painless vortex vacuum suction to eliminate blackheads and impurities on the skin. 

Step # 3- Applying Hydrating Serum

Lastly, the dermatologist will apply an anti-oxidative and hydrating serum with peptides and other nutrients. The step helps detoxify, rejuvenate, and hydrate the skin from the core. Upon completion, they might also augment light therapy or fills. Hydra facials are highly refreshing and allow blending with other treatments during the visit. 

Benefits of Hydra Facial

Unlike the conventional approach, hydra facial works in a particular alignment. Now that you’ve perceived how hydra facial is done and what the credentials are, it’s time to look out for the benefits that tag along. 

  • Detoxification and Deep Cleansing

Hydra facial removes toxins from the skin by improving lymphatic drainage. A fluid named lymphase is a part of our immune system, containing blood cells. The physician uses a glass device, and stroking gently on the skin enhances the lymph flow and drains toxins from the skin. It’s a two-in-one benefit where you reap the benefits of both detoxifying and deep cleansing. 

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Since exfoliation has a separate step in the process, it tends to remove the undesirably dead layers of the skin. Also, exfoliation considerably impacts collagen production and stimulates its production. The newly-produced collagen combines with other nutritional elements and resurfaces newer and healthier skin. Ultimately, you’ll get the one with fewer wrinkles and fines line, making you look younger. 

  • Treats Hyperpigmentation and Scars 

Hyperpigmentation is often caused by excessive production of a substance called melanin. Many factors can contribute to the show, like acne-prone skin, increased exposure to sunlight, hormonal imbalances and ageing. For this purpose, hydra facial helps remove hyperpigmented spots from the skin. The treatment also stimulates recovering skin tissues. Therefore, new skin appears with better consistency and less pigmentation.  

  • Reduces certain types of acne 

The hydra facial includes pore-cleansing and exfoliation, so it helps eliminate specific types of acne. For instance, comedonal acne is a type that varies from mild to moderate, and you can determine it by excess blackheads on the skin. And so, hydra facial has proven to be beneficial for its reduction. On the contrary, it’s not so workable for inflammatory acne. The severe acne form appears as papules, pustules and cysts. 

Ending Words

We can’t deny that the benefits of a Hydra facial are far more effective than the conventional one. Not only does it helps in moistening the skin, but it also restores the lost glow. Regardless of getting cheek fillers in Dubai or Hydra facial, it’s imperative to connect with a professional physician regarding the treatment. 

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