What to Know About Grip Strength and How to Measure It

grip strength

Before we discuss how to measure grip strength

Grip strength measures the power or force generated by your hand, wrist, fingers, or, more precisely, your entire forearm muscles.

Occupational therapists consider grip strength as a measure of muscle health. A firm grip is a sign of your upper extremity strength and the general endurance of your body. The whole upper body is a part of lifting enormous weight, which requires a lot of muscle strength. However, not everyone is gifted with a solid grip. Grip strength gradually decreases with age due to oxidative stress, physical stress, and reduced bone mineral density.

Muscles of our hands get worn out quickly and become prone to hand and finger fatigue. So, experts suggest spending some time strengthening your grip before starting any exercise that is heavy on weights. A regular minimum of 15 minutes of a grip strengthening exercise strengthens your forearms and hands and makes them more efficient at holding the weight of a heavy object.

Common Signs to be aware of muscles that are weak and lack grip strength

There will be difficulties carrying heavy grocery bags or bags. A person with a weak grip feels unbearable pain while lifting a heavy grocery bag.

You should beware of weight lifting with dumbbells or barbells.

It is common to experience pain in your wrist, fingers, or even the pain of your hand.

The weight lifting will be an issue for you.

There is a possibility of feeling pain when writing for long periods also. Sometimes writing can be difficult because of weak fingers and thumb.

The advantages of having a solid grip and a sufficient holding power

Hand strengthening exercise tones your micro muscles and provides you with many advantages.

Let’s check out the benefits of having a solid grip:

A firm grip can prevent tendinitis. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well as hand arthritis

Everyday tasks such as opening the door knobs, opening the tightly sealed container, and carrying grocery items will be more manageable.

You’ll notice a gradual improvement in your motor skills. You will work as well as reduce stress on your hands and mind.

Strength training and gym workouts are now accessible with solid grip strength. You can do the HIIT core strengthening program with the help of firm grips.

The most effective approach to measuring grip 

You can quickly gauge the strength of your grip using a hand grip dynamometer.

Purchase a handgrip dynamometer. It’s the most traditional yet precise method to gauge the strength of your grip. Hand therapists and occupational therapists employ it to determine how strong their clients’ grips are.

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How to use it:

  1. Purchase a high-quality hand dynamometer. There are numerous kinds of dynamometers in the market. You can purchase one according to your preference and power of resistance. All of them are great for gauging the progress of your hand strength.
  2. Do the following exercise by putting your wrist and arm correctly. Using a hand-held dynamometer is easy. It is essential to check that your hands are in the correct position and arms are correct for precise counts. Start by using the dynamometer on the one hand. You will also need to test your hands, but do it three times per hand.
  3. Bend your arm that is being taken at a perpendicular angle to the elbow. The upper shoulder should be positioned next to your body, with forearms pointing towards the outside of your body.
  4. The dynamometer’s base should be placed on the top of your hands or those muscles beneath the thumb. Put your forefingers at a similar height to the dynamometer.
  5. Make sure you squeeze the dynamometer to your maximum force. You’ll get a precise reading when you squeeze the dynamometer with maximum effort. The reading will indicate the strength of your grip.
  6. This will prove to be precise if the arm and hand are placed in a perfect position. Start to squeeze the dynamometer and unleash your maximum potential. It would help if you held the squeeze for a minimum of 7 seconds. Keep a stopwatch nearby to determine the exact duration.

(Avoid moving other body organs when you squeeze since it can alter the dynamometer readings, resulting in unintentional results.)

Use the average of three tests to ensure that you get the most exact results.

For healthy men, the average grip strength should be at least 105 or more for healthy women, and it should be at a minimum of 57. Anything over 70 is considered excellent and reflects the good health of the muscles that make up the body. Grip training equipment is a must-have product for people of all ages, irrespective of gender. The type of exercise and frequency can be adjusted according to age, sex, body weight, and other physical condition.

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