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Steak has become a popular dish worldwide, prepared in home and professional kitchens, and is often the main ingredient on a menu. The hardest part of cooking steaks at home is buying a steak from the market. Whether you’re cooking a steak at home or reserving it for a special occasion like a restaurant dinner, it’s essential to know your quality steak cuts. Here are the most popular steak restaurants covered by Favouritetable.

Are you ready for your steak primer? Let’s go!


Many visit this bar to enjoy well-prepared steaks, calamari, and salt and pepper tuna. Good caramel ice cream, Yorkshire pudding, and toffee taste great. Delicious prosecco, coffee martini, or champagne will make your meal even more delicious, and you will surely come back. It’s nice to enjoy a good espresso. Come to Prime to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, or a birthday party. The good thing about this place is that the staff is professional. Spectacular service is something customers appreciate here. Pay democratic prices for food at this place. The fabulous decor and calm ambience make customers feel relaxed here.

Steak with Stix

Fortunately, you can taste British cuisine. Many visitors to this steakhouse say they serve perfectly cooked ribeye, chicken supreme, and salmon. Most customers recommend trying a good chocolate sundae, lemon cheesecake, and apple crumble. Steak in the Stix at The Ratcatchers offers delicious beer, ale, or scotch among its drinks. Here customers can celebrate any event: wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. The staff is supposed to be nice here. The spectacular service reflects the high quality of this place. According to the reviewers, the prices are correct. You will appreciate the chic decor and cosy atmosphere of this steakhouse.

The Olive Bar & Grill

The menu of Mexican cuisine led by the talented chef is excellent at this place. Try this bar’s perfectly cooked kangaroo steaks, lasagna, and steak salads. The chefs here prepare delicious ice cream, cookies, and cheesecakes. Visitors can drink a good lager or beers at The Olive Bar and Grill. Great coffee or delightful tea is among the best drinks to order. Celebrate your anniversary, wedding, or birthday party. People are welcome all year round by the professional staff. If you want to enjoy excellent service, you must visit this place. Several guests point out that the dishes are reasonably priced. There is a quiet atmosphere and nice decor in this bar.

Goodman City

“Great steak as it should be” is the big selling point of this “reliable New York-inspired steakhouse.” T-bones, ribeye, sirloin, and the like “absolutely flawless” are priced by weight, or you can choose to enjoy a surf ‘n’ turf of USDA fillet with lobster and prawns. Recycled side dishes include mac ‘n’ cheese with truffle or lobster, and everything from corn to cherry tomatoes gets the treat on the grill. Appetizers aside, yields are poor if you’re not here for the steak: a burger, a chicken dish, the fish of the day, and that’s it. The beef-tailored wine selection includes Enomatic’s Bordeaux and elegant Californians at high prices, while expert service “takes care of it all.” The dark and sexy furniture looks more cheerful in the dark when the red skin and soft lighting create an inviting atmosphere.

Hawksmoor Guildhall

This city branch of the much-loved Hawksmoor steakhouse is located on Basinghall Street in what is said to be the world’s first steakhouse, dating back to the early 18th century. Fast forward to today, where it’s proven to serve quality British steaks to affluent clientele in a suitably glamorous interior. Hawksmoor Guildhall is one of the most significant operations of the group and has a vast dining hall and a large private dining room adorned with authentic Hawksmoor clothing. An equally decadent menu complements a luxurious setting.

Entrees include bone marrow and onions on toast, half a lobster with garlic butter, and tenderloin carpaccio with marinated mushrooms and parmesan cheese before moving on to an equally meaty entree. Entrecôte is, of course, part of the menu. You can choose between large pieces (Chateaubriand, T-bone) or smaller pieces (filet, sirloin). From there, it’s a mix-and-match selection of side dishes and sauces.

To drink, you may want to head to the bar for one of the signature cocktails. Look for an apple martini (vodka, green malic acid, lilac blanc, and apple and pear Eaux De Vies). On Sundays, diners can order the spectacular roast, consisting of a slow-roasted rump with dripping roast potatoes of beef, Yorkshire, carrots, greens, roasted scallions, bone marrow and onion gravy.

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