How Is Living a Healthy Lifestyle Beneficial for Fertility

Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s world, fertility problems are common among males and females of reproductive age (usually 20 to 35). Due to this, some couples have to struggle a lot to bring a child into their life. For some, it is almost impossible without medical intervention. So, it is clear here that you will visit a fertility or IVF clinic in Kathmandu or your local town/city if you notice any issues in conceiving a child. 

At the clinic, a doctor will interact with you to know what problems you are experiencing and determine the root cause by going through the reports of a few recommended tests. The doctor can help you eliminate the issue through medicines and surgery. While treating you, the doctor will advise you to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle comprises choices and habits that benefit your general and reproductive health. It usually includes a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, weight management, enough rest, and a safe distance from harmful substances like cigarette smoking, drinking, industrial chemicals, and extreme heat. 

How is a healthy lifestyle benefits your fertility?

As mentioned above, a healthy lifestyle refers to a regular workout, a well-balanced & healthy diet, weight control, stress management, sound sleep, etc. Having an idea about all these elements of a healthy style can make you comprehend how it benefits your fertility. 

Healthy and balanced diet   

Usually, a well-balanced, healthy diet provides all the essential nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals) to your body. The presence of folic acid, vitamins E & K, iron, zinc, potassium, etc., in your meal, facilitates you (males and females) to keep your egg and sperm health maintained apart from providing the required energy to the body. However, it would help if you stayed away from the following:

  • Raw, undercooked, or overcooked food/food items 
  • Unpasteurised dairy products
  • Caffeine
  • Mercury rich foods 

Regular exercising

Working out daily is highly beneficial for you. It helps you release your muscle & bone tension, regulate your blood pressure, control your weight and regularises your hormonal balances. Due to flexibility and increased blood flow, your reproductive organs, like the penis, uterus, fallopian tubes, and vagina, work properly. And as a result, you can keep your fertility maintained. For better general as well as reproductive health, you can:


  • Walk for 30 minutes in the morning/evening 
  • Swim
  • Jog or run 
  • Opt for stairs instead of lifts/escalators

Weight management 

A healthy lifestyle helps you keep your weight managed or under control. In it, you keep a close watch on your BMI and try to keep it between 19 and 25. You try to gain weight if you notice you are underweight and lose weight if you are overweight. A healthy body weight keeps your reproductive system active and prevents issues like conception delay and erectile dysfunction. 

Enough rest/sound sleep 

Like food, air, and water, having a sound sleep at night is crucial. It helps you stay energised and feel refreshed for the entire day after leaving your bed in the morning. It would help if you slept 6-9 hours at night. And for this, you can plan your bedtime and stick to it. Enough rest promotes hormone production and ovulation in females. 

Smoking and drinking 

A healthy lifestyle has no space for drinking and smoking. Smoking bidi, cigarettes, pipes, etc. and drinking alcoholic beverages cause congenital disabilities in the forthcoming babies, conception delays, and low birth weight. As a couple trying to conceive, you must keep a safe distance from smoking and drinking. 

Stress management 

Lowering stress levels is highly beneficial. Being in a good mood can help a man or woman take an interest in sexual activities regularly. And regular physical intimacy, especially during ovulation, can help you increase your conception chance and facilitate you to move ahead in your parenthood journey.      

Take away 

Living a healthy lifestyle is advantageous for you. It keeps your body healthy and fit. In addition, it helps regulate the functions of your reproductive system and manage the moods that lead you to maintain your fertility.   

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