Healthy Christmas gifts for loved ones

Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming and it is time to share, give Christmas gifts, be delivered, and eat.

Also a time of joy and longing, hope and gratitude.

It may be that you like Christmas more or less, that the Christmas spirit takes over you, or that it passes without pain or glory, but what is likely is that you will want to give something special to the people you love the most.

That yes, right?

So I propose a complete list of 15 healthy, sustainable and practical Christmas gifts.

Ideas for all tastes among which you can choose the ideal gift for each person you want to surprise and also, why not, give yourself something.

Oh, and also, many of the gifts you will see in this post are available on the web. You can buy these from online gift shops. So, please keep reading and discover the perfect gifts I have selected for you.

Do you fancy it? Let’s go there!

A book of Healthy BreakfastsYou can give a book named “A Book of Healthy Breakfasts.” You’ll find 60 vegetarian recipes to make your breakfast healthier. All recipes also serve as a snack.

Cosmetics beauty products.

Cosmetics can be a wise choice for Christmas eve. Especially Products that take care of you and your skin without being toxic, ecological, and not tested on animals. You can give a set of cosmetic products to anyone.

The crockpot

This gift is for those who love to cook. The slow cooker will cook delicious bone broths, ghee, stews, confits, etc. Give that person a crockpot this Christmas if you know anyone who loves to cook.

A curry gift set

It’s that time of the year again, and one of the best gifts you can give is curried gift sets for this Christmas! This season, spice up your holiday celebrations with curry gift sets from around the world. From traditional Indian curry sets to exotic Thai curry kits – each set contains all the ingredients you need to create a delicious curry feast.

Still, trying to figure out where to start? CurryKits Curry Gifts Inspiration Guide provides helpful tips on making curry dishes unique, exciting, and memorable this holiday season. So don’t forget – when gifting this Christmas, think curry! Give the gift of flavor with curry gift sets for Christmas. 

Curry gift sets come in many flavors and styles, making it easy to find something everyone will enjoy.

A bag of coffee beans

As we all know, Coffee is one of the best daily drinks globally. So, it can also be one of the best Christmas gifts. You can gift a bag full of coffee beans to the person who enjoys Coffee the most. And it was not so expensive.

Reusable bags for your purchases

Are you trying to reduce the waste generated at home? Do you know the movement 0 waste? If so, “Reusable bags” can be an excellent option for a gift this Christmas eve. There are dedicated shops around the city where you’ll find these bags.

Kombucha tea

One of my favorites is kombucha tea; it is a healthy gift for you and your family. For me, it will be a must in all Christmas meals. Since I’ve been drinking kombucha, I haven’t had any alcohol. I take care of my intestinal system and digestion, which is very important during Christmas when we overindulge. In addition, and as if that were not enough, kombucha tea is a probiotic that helps the detoxification functions of the liver. Also ideal for preparing your cocktails and festive drinks.

Water kefir

A probiotic drink full of beneficial properties for your intestine. The water kefir is a godsend for regulating intestinal transit and improving defenses.

Handmade candles

In Europe handmade candle is one of the common Christmas gifts. Though it’s popularity is increasing day by day. Handmade candles don’t have industrial toxic and plastic in it. 

Give your special someone the gift of a handmade candle, the perfect way to show you care! It’s wonderful gift for Christmas, also whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or just because, handmade candles are a unique and thoughtful present.

Not only do they look great in any home décor setting, but they also make for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, with so many scents available, you’re sure to find one that will bring them joy! 

Basic health book.

A health-conscious person will love this book. This basic health book will make that person’s day if you give it to them as a Christmas present. Marcos Vázquez is the author of this book, this is one of the best books I have read so far, SALUD SALVAJE. If you want to learn the basic lessons to lose weight and regain your energy, this is a must-read.

Diffuser + essential oils to sleep better.

Surely you know someone who will do well. I already have it and I love it. Lose yourself on the Pranaróm website and find the one you like the most. Choose lavender essential oil to relax and promote sleep.

Chufamix and spirali.

Do you know the most comfortable invention to make your own vegetable milk at home in a very easy and comfortable way? Exactly, the chufamix is ​​the invention. 

At Coast, they also have the spiral, an ideal gadget to make your vegetable spaghetti in no time. You can make them with zucchini, potato, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot… and put the sauce that you like the most. 

Water heater for infusions.

If you are too lazy to prepare a hot drink because you don’t want to use the microwave but you also don’t want to turn on the vitro or gas and put a saucepan with water to boil, treat yourself to a kettle. You can have it at home or at work and enjoy your favorite infusion in no time. So, this can be a great Christmas gifts for a lazy person

Sports equipment and mat

New Year, New Life. If one of the purposes of a relative of yours is to start 2023 by incorporating sport into their life, make it easy for them, and surprise them with a kit of dumbbells or elastic bands and a mat, so they have no excuses.

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