Tips to correctly fry an egg


Everyone knows for sure how to fry an egg. But not everyone can serve a perfectly cooked egg. As simple as it may seem, frying eggs present tips you must follow. Once you can perfectly fry an egg, you will undeniably upgrade all the plates you serve with your fried eggs. So, to master the art of frying your egg,

Here are some tips you need to remember. 

Make an excellent choice of pan.

Make sure you have all the appropriate skillets for your cooking in your kitchen. It may seem weird, but there are different types of skillets, and they need to be standardized enough to be used in all kinds of cooking. 

A cast iron or a carbon steel skillet may help you to fry perfect eggs. Of course, you can use these kinds of cookware, but you have to make sure to use the appropriate amount of fat. 

So, if you don’t want to add up extra fat to your dish, choose a nonstick skillet for frying them. In principle, nonstick skillets don’t require much fat to fry any ingredient. If you are not very numerous, an 8’’ pan can be enough to make 1 to 2 fried eggs at a time. 

But if you have to prepare many breakfasts, invest in a giant skillet to reduce your chores and have perfect fried eggs. 

Add the right fat 

Whether you decide to fry fresh or liquid egg yolk, the best fat you can use to fry it is in the butter. Besides the fact that it brings in some extra taste to your fried egg, butter is easy to melt and is fatty enough to fry it most correctly. 

But if you don’t appreciate butter, you can choose between other options, such as olive oil, vegetable oil and even bacon fat. With all this fat, you can fry the egg and bring flavour and taste. 

You must make the perfect dosage to get the delicious golden crunchy fried egg. On average, 2 or 3 teaspoons of fat is enough to fry one big egg. You can use more fat according to your preferences, but to get the perfect egg, cook it at the right temperature.

Make sure to cook it as you like 

Now that you got all the tips to fry your eggs perfectly, you should remember the essential information you have to remember is that you will find that your egg is perfect when it is cooked as you like it. So, while you are preparing it, cook it on your way. 

If you especially enjoy runny yolks, don’t let them fry for a long time. If you prefer golden fried eggs, use olive oil to fry them and let them fry for one or two extra minutes in your skillet. 

Otherwise, to help you cook your egg correctly, ensure you master how many minutes you need to cook it to have the perfect result. For example, an over-hard egg should be cooked 2 to 3 minutes. It will let you ultimately set the yolk.

Besides, if you want to eat some over-medium egg, you only need 3 minutes to cook it until you set the white. After flipping it, let it only 1 minute to slightly place the yolk. An over-easy egg must be cooked for 3 minutes until the white is completely set. Add 30 seconds more after flipping it. 

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