How to be concentrated during competitive exam preparation

competitive exam

Are you preparing for a competitive exam and desire to grasp every concept within a short span? If yes, you need to study attentively with an undivided focus. Are you able to do so? If not, then how could you expect to learn anything within minutes? Remember that it is arduous to understand anything if you are inactive and unable to focus. Therefore, you must improve your concentration and memory power to learn anything quickly during competitive exam preparation. 

If you are looking for tips that can help you boost your focusing ability, then this article is just screaming your name. Read each point carefully, follow them vigorously and get ready to study with total concentration. Eleven after giving your 100% attention, if you are still unable to understand some concepts of SSC CGL, banking, railway, or any other competitive exam, you can consider seeking help from a reliable source that is apt in that particular field.

Here is a list of some helpful tips that will boost your concentration during competitive exam preparation: 


Do you know the miraculous benefits of meditation? Meditation has the power to keep your mind calm and relaxed. When you indulge yourself in meditation, you will develop a feeling of positivity. This positivity will eradicate negative thoughts from your mind and make your mind stable. A steady mentality is required to concentrate well on the topics. So, whenever you lose focus, just stop doing anything else and find a quiet place to do meditation. Believe us, just 15 minutes of meditation can help you regain your concentration. After 15 minutes, you can again start your exam preparation with a calm, active and stable mind. 

Involve yourself in physical activities 

Physical activities include your body involvement which is effective in increasing the flow of blood in your body. When your brain cells receive the proper amount of blood and oxygen, it will improve your brain’s functionality. A productive brain can concentrate more while performing a specific task. Therefore, involve yourself in various physical activities such as jumping, walking, jogging, exercising, etc., to increase your focusing ability and brain power. 

Think practically 

Do you know the prime reason behind losing concentration while studying? It is because you follow a traditional learning approach which starts to feel monotonous after some time. Therefore, you need to think outside the box and begin following a learning technique that can make your study session engaging and fruitful. For instance, you can relate your concepts with daily life experiences. Apart from it, you can use some real-life examples to grasp concepts quickly and retain them for a long time. It is a proven fact that a person can focus more when they think about something practically. There is a very low probability of losing focus this way, so start following this approach for better results. 

Read aloud 

You might have heard this fact before that reading aloud is an ideal way to increase concentration while studying. You have to start reading aloud whatever concept you are learning. This way, you can concentrate well on each word, and there will be no chance of losing focus in between while studying. When you concentrate on each word, you will be able to understand everything in a better way. Well, the habit of reading aloud not only increases your focusing ability but also improves your retention ability. Hence, there is no reason to say ‘no’ to this learning technique while preparing for a competitive exam. 

Stock up essentials 

Do you know hunger distractions can also hinder your concentration? Apart from it, not having something that is required while studying can also hamper your focus. Therefore, it is essential to stock up on necessities before you start your competitive exam preparation. When you have everything on your table, you will not need to move anywhere, and you can easily maintain a flow while studying. Therefore, always keep a water bottle, snacks, notes, books, pen, paper, and pencil on your table to avoid any hindrance while studying. 

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Wrapping up

To wrap up, You have to stay concentrated while studying if you aim to grasp every concept in one go. Although it is difficult to stay attentive all the time, these tips can surely help you boost your concentration during competitive exam preparation. 

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