How to Make Straight Hair Curly

Straight Hair Curly

Learning how to make straight hair curly is a must for most of us. Most people have curly hair and if they want to keep it in their hair, they need to learn how to do it right and also know how to style the hair in different ways to suit the occasion. Learning how to do this is not that hard and you can achieve it in no time at all.

Use Heat on the Scalp

The first step in learning how to make straight hair curly knows what makes your hair curly. There are different things that make up curly hair and they all have different effects on your hair. One thing that is commonly used to make curls look good is using heat on the scalp.

Heat can be applied by using blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and even combs. Using hot blow dryers on the scalp is very helpful especially on coarse hair. It also helps in smoothing out the frizzy hair strands. You need to know how to use them properly though because too much heat can cause damage to the scalp.

Massage the Scalp

Some people use the heat to massage their scalp. When you massage the scalp with a lot of heat, you should not use a comb because it will only make the curls look worse.

Next step in learning how to make straight hair curly is learning how to style the hair. This is an easy step, but it still takes a little bit of time. Curls tend to look good when you wear them up with a short length of hair. However, you can also wear the same length of hair down if you would like.

Use the Right Products

You can use a wide variety of products when styling your hair. The most popular cantu hair products are gel. It can make curls look even better and it also helps in keeping the frizzy hair strands in place.

Learning how to make straight hair also means knowing how to color your hair. This is a step that is often ignored, but it really plays an important role in making your hair curly or straight.

Choose a Warm Tone for your Skin Color

The color that you use on your hair has to match your hair color so that your curls do not look odd. A color that is too dark will make the curls look black. and vice versa, a color that is too light will make the curls look blonde.

Another good tip is to choose a warm tone that matches your skin color. It is also advisable to use a neutral color for your hair color so that your hair color does not match the color of your skin. If your skin is pale, it will help in hiding the color of the hair.

Avoid Over-Stylizing your Hair

There are many tips on how to make straight hair. One good tip is to avoid over-stylizing your hair. Over-stylizing your hair will make the curls look even more frizzy. Instead of brushing your hair, you should brush it with a wide-tooth comb so that the curls are evenly spread out.

You should also avoid using heat to style your hair. You can also use hair sprays or even heat protestant when you are brushing your hair. Blow dryers can also cause damage to the scalp. Hair pieces can also cause damage as well.

Final Words

Another important tip is to never clip your locks when they are not wet. Clip your locks in such a way that they are loosely flowing instead of clumping together.

There are lots of other tips to learn how to make curly hair. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to put in learning how to make your hair curly or straight. It is not impossible to achieve this.

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