How water helps in weight loss ?

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Although it could appear like an easy task, drinking water to lose weight is common advice spoken of but is rarely followed. What’s the last time that you made an effort to drink eight glasses of drinking water? In the wake of increasing public keen interest in taking care of themselves, more people are conscious of the huge benefits to their health from drinking plenty of water every day.

However, does drinking water aid in losing weight? It’s a simple answer: yes. Numerous studies have proved that drinking water to reduce weight is a successful method of losing and managing weight. How? Hydration is a key factor in many aspects of weight loss. For instance, drinking water boosts your body’s metabolism, clears the body from waste and can even act as an appetite suppressor! In addition, drinking more water will help your body stop retaining fluids, allowing you to lose the extra water weight.

A conscious effort to drink more water daily is the most effective method to begin your weight loss and diet journey. Are you still not sure? Here are eight ways to drink water to shed weight that can be beneficial over the long run:

Drinking water to lose WEIGHT


The research results have indicated that when you drink water to lose weight, you’ll burn more calories as water may temporarily boost the human body’s “resting energy expenditure”, or the number of calories consumed while sitting. A study from 2014 found that 12 participants who consumed half one litre of cold, ambient temperature water saw a rise in energy expenditure. They burned a few per cent more calories than they normally do within 90 minutes of drinking water.

Drinking cold, refreshing water could increase the benefits of water in burning calories since the body burns off energy or calories by heating the water to aid digestion.

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When the stomach is aware that it’s full and signals the brain to reduce the feeling of hunger, you stop the desire to eat. Drinking water to shed weight causes the liquid can take up space in your stomach, resulting in feelings of being full. It can “trick” the stomach into sending an “I’m filled” signal to the brain. This will decrease appetite and calorie consumption, as water is naturally low in calories.

Another issue is that many people confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger. Most of the time, you’re hungry to eat; drinking a glass of water before eating something will stop you from snacking.


The body requires water for the proper metabolization of stored carbohydrates and fats. The process of metabolizing fats and carbohydrates is known as “lipolysis.”

The initial step in”lipolysis” is “hydrolysis,” which occurs when water molecules react with triglycerides (fats) to produce Glycerol as well as fat acid (energy). Drinking water to shed weight helps in the process of lipolysis and is vital to burn off fats from your diet and drinks and ensure that your body does not store excessive fat due to dehydration.

4. INCREASES the overall liquid CALORIE INTAKE

Calorie-free water is usually associated with lower calories consumed. This is particularly relevant when you drink it instead of other drinks, like iced teas, sodas, or sugary coffees. Do check top India Coffee Brands. These drinks are usually packed with calories and sugar and can cause the accumulation of liquid calories without even realizing it! Many people don’t even consider how many calories they consume when they consume alcohol or sports drinks.

If you’re drinking water to shed weight, it is recommended to eliminate these drinks with water. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve cut down on calories consumed by doing this! Research has shown that people who drink most of the water can have as much as nine per cent (or 200 calories) fewer calories consumed on average.

Researchers from a study in 2012 discovered that substituting two or more drinks with high calories with non-caloric beverages each for the duration of a half-year resulted in a weight loss of two and 2.5 per cent in a sample of obese females.

So, even if you only swap some high-calorie drinks daily with water or other drinks low in calories, like herbal tea, it aids in developing good hydration habits that could result in long-term weight loss.

5. Gets you ready for your next workout

Exercise is among the most crucial elements of any weight loss program. The most crucial aspect of any exercise routine is proper hydration. Drinking water can help prevent muscle cramps and keeps joints lubricated, allowing you to exercise longer and more intensely. It’s particularly important when working out in humid, hot, or extremely sunny conditions since water can prevent fatigue and dehydration.

Water aids connective tissues, muscles, and joints to move properly as well as assists your heart, lungs, and other organs work effectively when you raise your heart rate during a workout. Staying hydrated during this time helps reduce the chance of impeding an effective workout, including fatigue and muscle cramps. Always ensure that you’ve got the water bottle close to you to stay on the right track of your exercise.


The benefits of water boost your energy by stopping dehydration. The dehydration causes fatigue as it hinders oxygen circulation into the brain. This causes the body to exert more effort to supply oxygen through your organs. This makes you exhausted as well as less attentive. Drinking water doesn’t hinder oxygen circulation, making you feel energized and ready for the day.


When there is a build-up of waste within the body, individuals can experience bloating, swelling, and tiredness. Bloating can increase the size of an individual’s waist and trigger various other negative consequences. It is caused by dehydration. A dehydrated body cannot properly eliminate the waste from your stomach or intestines. This can cause constipation and constipation. Water is essential for the kidneys, assisting your organs in eliminating waste and toxins while retaining vital electrolytes and nutrients. When your organs are dehydrated, the kidneys store fluid and cause gastric discomfort and, in the worst-case scenario, hard stools and constipation. By the way, do you know the top coffee-producing states in India?

Hydration is essential to stay fit and healthy since it helps to reduce stomach bloating and helps keep waste flowing by softening or loosening hard-to-moved stool and aiding your body in recovering from digestive disorders such as diarrhoea and indigestion.

8. Reduces STRESS

Studies have proven that dehydration can cause greater levels of cortisol. Cortisol is an inflammatory hormone that causes anxiety, shortness of breath, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Stress can be particularly harmful regarding weight loss as it can trigger an extreme craving for food or weight loss, leading to bad eating patterns. If you drink enough water, you will keep your cortisol levels low, making you more prepared to manage your daily chores.

Do I drink enough WATER?

Many nutritionists suggest using the “8×8” rule for drinking water to shed weight. 8×8 means the consumption of eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily for losing weight or for weight management. It is possible to drink more water when you live in extremely warm and humid conditions, sweat a lot, and regular exercise. Also, you don’t have to drink as much water if you are already drinking herbal teas that are low-calorie and very nutritious (as they’re not decaffeinated! ). Also, read about types of coffee mugs. 

A second rule is to examine the toilet after going into the bathroom. You’ll know if you’re hydrated when your urine appears clear or light yellow in appearance. The more dark your urine, the more water you must drink, especially in the case of an eating plan, and weight loss is your aim.

THE Bottom Line

As mentioned above, drinking water is extremely beneficial for losing weight. However, while drinking water has numerous benefits for weight loss and health, it’s not a solution in itself.

You’ll be required to do more than drinking water to shed significant amounts of weight. However, water is only one tiny, extremely vital element of weight loss. Be optimistic! Water is the most effective step you can start your weight loss journey.

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