Exploring the AMH Test in the Journey to Conception

AMH test

If the woman is not able to conceive then Dr Nalini Gupta an IVF expert at Select IVF India will suggest the AMH test which is usually done to identify polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which means that there are a lot of follicles are growing in women ovaries which put the women at the high risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), if you are planning to undergo for any assisted reproductive treatment (ART) procedure.

According to the study, the women’s AMH level should be between 3 and 0, 7 ng/ml means your ovarian reserve is normal and there are other factors which affect your fertility. If your AMH levels are normal and still you face challenges in conceiving a baby then Dr. Nalini Gupta suggests further examination and also advises you to improve your overall health with better nutrition, exercise, and more relaxation.

In case, your AMH is between 0 and 0, 6 ng/ml means you require IVF or FSH stimulation. This score indicates Dr. Nalini Gupta that you are dealing with low ovarian reserve. Your ovarian reserve will indicate the outcome of your pregnancy. With this test result, your fertility expert at Select IVF India will recommend additional treatment to increase your AMH levels.

How the AMH level will be increased?

If you have a low AMH level which means you have a low ovarian reserve. This is normal to some extent with the increasing age, particularly over the age of 40. But in case, you are planning to conceive a baby then your AMH level should be high to achieve better results. With the help of the following things, you can increase your AMH level and these are:

Vitamin D Supplements:

You can boost your vitamin D level with the help of prescribed supplements or through a natural diet. You can also check your vitamin D level through a blood test.

L-arginine Supplements:

This is helpful to improve your ovarian function and you need to take 4 to 5 milligrams of this supplement. In case, you are dealing with any condition like endometriosis, autoimmune disease or infections and you are taking some treatment to cure them, then you need to make sure that L-arginine supplements will not be affecting your ovarian functions.

Acupuncture therapy:

This therapy is also useful to improve your ovarian function. Acupressure therapy is useful in increasing your circulation into your ovaries.

Avoid Stress:

As you are trying to conceive Dr. Nalini Gupta will advise you to take proper rest as stress will decrease your AMH level.

Are women able to conceive with a low AMH level?

Yes, women who are under the age group of 35 years can able to conceive a baby with low AMH level, but this is not true for women above the age of 35 years in older women there are other factors which affect their fertility and she is not able to conceive a baby due to low AMH level and other factors.

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