The Healing Process of Eye Treatment in Ayurveda

Eye Treatment in Ayurveda

The use of the eyes is higher than any other body part. Our learning is 70% dependent on our vision; thus, looks are important for a normal life. The stress on the eyes has increased with light emission from LED and TFT screens. Our screen timing has grown with smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. One might experience health impacts from headaches, burning eyes, dark circles, and related vision problems. It also impacts the sleep patterns of our individuals. Eye treatment in Ayurveda helps to retain vision with medication, therapies, and related treatment.

How is Eye Disease Managed with Chronic Disease?

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most common diseases. The main reason could range from diabetes and blindness. This disease is caused due to modification in retinal blood vessels. If you are availing systematic ayurvedic cure, it will prevent the onset, preserving existing vision and regaining vision that has been lost. Matha will be the first stage of Eye Treatment in Ayur, including prevention and treatment.


The progress of myopia within adult life progresses rapidly. Myopia might lead to a high risk of retinal detachment and changes in macular. The eyeball will last longer as the retina separates. Eye Treatment in Ayurveda will help strengthen the retina, preventing wear and tear. Progressive glasses have been used to help improve vision.


Glaucoma in the advanced stage could lead to blindness due to weakened optic nerves. Normal or high pressure could lead to such a type of disease. Eye Treatment in Ayurveda provides herbal therapies which strengthen vision and nerves that have been damaged. To seek Eye Treatment in Ayurveda, you need to avail on-time treatment.

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Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a very common issue most people face. When lubrication of the eyes is reduced, it leads to dry eyes. This condition might occur due to excessive TV, computers, smartphones, lack of proper sleep, unhealthy eating, etc. Ayurvedic eye drops, medicines, and therapies help maintain tear quality and eye condition. They are also very effective in preventing reoccurring and relapse of disease.


It is a type of autoimmune disease that is aggravated due to varied external factors. One of the most common causes would be unhealthy eating and a stressful lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatment will help to detoxify toxic cells. Although Ayurveda requires a happy lifestyle and healthy eating, which prevents and helps cure such diseases.

Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters on a large scale will impose serious health implications. However, eye floaters on a small scale are not as harmful as continuous inactivity for a prolonged period. Eye Treatment in Ayurveda treats this disease through two categories. The first will focus on harmless floats and relates conditions linked with ocular pathologies. The second focus is given to the Vata function. Many Ayurvedic therapies include Nethra Tharpanam, Sirodhara, Siro Abhyanga, and others. This helps to treat this type of disease.

Ayurvedic Tips for Healing Eye

Eye Treatment in Ayurveda provides simple tricks and tips to improve your eye vision. These simple tricks not only cleanse the eyes but retains a good idea for a long time.

  • Every morning splashes on the eyes with soft cold water, which helps to clear accumulated dirt and mucous. It helps in lubricating the eyes from external exposure.
  • Avoiding the use of chemically manufactured products. If you have a hobby of eye make-up, you can try herbal or ayurvedic kajal or related make-up.
  • Regular massage on the head will help in relaxing the muscles. The head massage will help circulate blood, stimulate tear glands, and helps to maintain visual acuity. For lubricating, coconut oil or herbal oil can be very effective.
  • Rubbing your eyes- Firstly, rub your hands and cup them over the eyes for more than 10 seconds. It will help to release pressure on eyeballs. This should be done for more than 3- minutes and repeated in half an hour. You should also breathe deeply while performing this activity.
  • Eye Treatment in Ayurveda advises you to avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays on the eyes. Thus, wearing protective glass will help retain your vision for a long time.

Why should Ayurvedic Treatment be Used for the Eyes?

Eye Treatment in Ayurveda has no side effects on the body and quality of life. The medicines, oils, and massage are developed from traditional recipes and natural ingredients. The Shalakya treatment specifically explains how to recover from eye treatments. Approximately all the procedures aim to detoxify the body.

Some Ayurvedic Therapies


In this method, the conjunctival fornices are treated with herbal remedies using a salaka after being washed with a stream of medicated fluid.

It is used to provide the eyes with a relaxing sensation. Nearly all eye conditions are helped by this Ayurvedic eye treatment, especially those brought on by factors like poor lifestyle choices, excessive stress, and ageing.


A medicinal liquid continuously drips from your forehead to your eyes during this panchakarma procedure. It takes about an hour and stops your vision from growing better.


Panchakarma includes the practice of Virechana therapy. A person is forced to undergo control cleansing for a specific period throughout this therapy.

It helps the body cleanse itself of the harmful, disease-causing signs of an inflamed Pitta dosha. Additionally, Virechana causes the body to produce fresh Pitta, which helps digestion and metabolism.

Netra Dhara

With this technique, the sedative liquid is used to clean the eyes. In this unique way of purging, a fluid made of herbal extracts with medicinal and preventive properties is poured into the eyes.

Ayurveda’s purifying eye therapy calms and relaxes tired eyes while treating chronic conjunctivitis and cataract growth. It also makes vision better.

The Bottom Line

There are benefits of using eye treatment in Ayurveda. Prakash Nethralaya, the best ayurvedic doctor in India focuses on providing genuine care to different health diseases. Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra is a special branch that only deals with eye disease. It will help you to regain vision and adopt healthy eating and lifestyle.

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