You Need to Know About Muay Thai and Comparison with Boxing

Muay Thai

As a professional we see people asking questions about martial arts because let’s face it, martial arts are pretty intriguing. A few years ago, most of us were not aware of martial arts types and were a few of the essential things for a martial arts expert. With the mainstream media and more martial arts portrayal in movies, we see people interested in martial arts. Most people ask about the similarities and differences whereas, others ask about “which option is better”?

There is one thing that everyone must know; it is no good and evil in martial arts. Every combat technique is equally important, but it has few reasons and few options. Some are good with one-on-one fights; others are not. To understand this, you need to be zealous and have a keen eye for martial arts.

As most beginners keep asking about Muay Thai and boxing because it is pretty confusing, people are now starting to ask how they are different and which one they should choose. Based on your aim and skillset, we will help you explore the world of boxing and Muay Thai to understand not only their boxing techniques but also the difference in the use of the whole body.

Technical differences : boxing and Muay Thai

Before we jump right into the comparison, we need to start by comparing the history because it says a lot about the game. To understand the current situation of boxing and Muay Thai, we have explored both games’ backgrounds. We all know that both boxing and Muay Thai have so much in common that most people confused them both. There is no doubt that Muay Thai and boxing might seem quite relatable for a layperson and even to some of the experts because there are so many similarities, especially when we look at the gloves and overall clothing. However, there are so many differences as well. The footwork and punches combinations are pretty similar, but the overall body’s use is somewhat different in both.

If we compare the similarities and differences, we can easily say that although the root for the game is the same, it is quite different overall. Starting from the use of the body, we can see that there is a use of the upper body, especially hands, in boxing. You cannot use your legs, knees, or elbow in boxing, so the options are pretty limited.

The Right Time to Learn Muay Thai

One thing that most people love about boxing is the immediate defense that it offers. In case you want to defend yourself and have no other option, boxing can be a perfect option. However, for the long-term defense, Muay Thai works best. We would prefer you to start with Muay Thai if you want to defend yourself from a distance. In most street fights, you have seen some technical stuff. Usually, Muay Thai, compared to boxing. If you see simple steps where people punch each other or try to defend themselves, there is mostly boxing.

According to experts, if you have learned boxing, you are more likely to learn Muay Thai because it is one step difficult, and you need more control over your body than boxing. Apart from the difference in technique and skill, you can see that Muay Thai is more organized with its root in martial arts. Additionally, Muay Thai is a great way to keep your foe at bay because you will have better handling, and you will be able to throw a knee or elbow to make sure your opponent doesn’t escape even if he is thinking of tracking you with his strategy.

What’s Easier to Learn?

As a beginner, most people ask about Muay Thai, and boxing is their learning curve. Well, let’s be honest here, both are pretty easy if you get the hang of it, but if we have to put a number on the difficulty level, we will rate boxing as a comparatively more straightforward option. For a total beginner, you need to start by listing your win first; if you aim to defend yourself, then few good punches will do that for you. This means you can rely on boxing; however, if you already know a few basics about punching and defense, you are ready to bring it up a few notches and go to Muay Thai.

Muay Thai has a great learning curve, which means you can keep learning with every step. Even if you think you are good enough, there will be enough to know more. Muay Thai has a great way of bringing up the difficulty level, and as you start to practice, you will also learn how to read your opponent, which is essential in real life.

Better for Self Defense

As we are diving deep, we need to address the elephant in the room. We all know that most people are interested in self-defense which means they want to know what would help them. If we compare both for self-defense, we can see that boxing is excellent self-defense for the short term. So, if you get kicked, you will be able to handle it right away. However, if you have something else or you end up facing something else, you will know that you need to rely on something more than just boxing. In this regard, Muay Thai is excellent as it gives you better handling skills of your body, and you eventually learn to be more in control.

Better for Fitness

We have seen that in almost every gym class, your instructor will tell you to stretch a little, and then you go to the shadow boxing part. However, if you have to compare both, you will see that boxing and Muay Thai are great for fitness. However, if you have to lose weight or burn calories, Muay Thai uses the whole body and far more energy, so it is better.

However, boxing is equally essential, especially if you want to work on body coordination and learn how to control yourself and your mind.

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