Shadowboxing helps with burning off calories, study reveals


When we talk about boxing, MMA, or BJJ training, the first thing that comes to mind is shadowboxing. Most people think shadowboxing is the same as traditional boxing, which is valid, but there is no opponent in the game. You either skip the opponent altogether for shadowboxing or use a punching bag as an opponent. Additionally, you can use speeding boxing gears, boxing gloves, or skip gloves altogether.

Most people prefer shadowboxing as a training aid because they like the idea of no opponent. Additionally, when there is no opponent involved, the trainer and fighter get complete freedom of time and place. We have seen that when there is formal boxing practice, there is a specific time and specific slot so, if they want to work during that time, they need to work accordingly. Still, you can even set a small place in the garage or store for shadowboxing and start working out every day.

With all these benefits, people are now using shadowboxing for weight loss and rapid calorie burnout because it can be customized easily without thinking about the time, place, and availability of special gears. For the beginner who is thinking of opting for shadowboxing just because they want to lose weight, here is a detailed overview of how our body responds to shadowboxing, what kind of workout you should use, and the ways that can help you speed up the calorie burns out rate.

Use of Whole Body


If we talk about effectiveness and why shadowboxing has proven to be such a fantastic way of losing weight, it is primarily because this exercise is not just focused on one body part. Instead, it helps you keep your whole body fit and toned. Unlike traditional exercises, where the main issue is that you specifically have to find one good for abs and another that is good for shoulders, and few others for the legs, shadowboxing is an all-in-one kind of exercise. When your shadow box, you are using your whole body, you are working out your shoulder muscles, as you move your feet and legs, you are also working out your lower body. Additionally, you will learn to build a fighting strategy that will help you improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills. In short, you are getting a better outcome from shadow boxing, which helps you avoid a combination of various exercises.

Additional Defense Skill

When we opt for any exercises or workout routine, the first thing that most are thinking about are the additional benefits. Some of the exercises are popular because they help you lose weight, but you don’t need any equipment for performing those exercises. On the other hand, there are few exercises that most people opt for because these exercises have benefits for skin and hair. When it comes to shadowboxing, it is like learning an entirely new skill. You are learning how to defend yourself, and while doing that, you are burning your calories as well. It is like you will enjoy yourself, and you would hardly notice that by the end of the session, you have burnt a lot of calories as well.

Working Out Easily


Suppose you ask beginners why they are scared of working out. In that case, most people will say that they are afraid of professionals because they usually judge the beginners on a very extreme level. We have seen that beginners have very low self-esteem because of the fear of judgment, and most of them avoid gyms. With the help of shadowboxing, you don’t need any equipment or any instructors. There are so many videos online with detailed workout sessions; even if you are just a beginner, you will not have a hard time following these basic rules.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner and have just started to work out, you will notice that there comes a detailed list of dos and don’ts with every exercise. In shadowboxing, there is no such list, and everyone can do whatever they want to do. Some people add jogging to shadowboxing others make a simple HIIT workout session.

Track Down the Progress

When you work out with the help of a private instructor or personal trainer, they will track down your progress, and you will see that within a few days, they will ask you to increase the time or move to the next level of exercises. Once you are done, they will make you regular, and you will be working every day rather than just 2-3 days a week. All these things are necessary, and they play a vital role because this helps you see how much strength you have gained over time.

This is a critical yet very challenging process; mostly, trainers measure BMI and check the progress, or they even switch to weight loss, but with shadowboxing, you don’t need an expert opinion. You will start to notice that your stamina was just a few minutes initially, but as you started working out more, your body changed, and now you are working out for 30 minutes to an hour.

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