What Is MTP? How Is Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Done?

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial and cherished phase in any woman’s life. It is the process that leads to creating a new human being. A woman carries the baby, nourishes and cares for the baby for as long as the child lives. This pregnancy phase is a life-transforming period for every woman. Women grow mentally and physically as well along with the baby. It must be a happy and enriching experience for every woman. But not all pregnancies are happy ones, and not all pregnancies result in happy and healthy babies. Some cases turn out to be dangerous for the child and the baby. In some pregnancies, the child may be diagnosed with some ailment for which the termination of pregnancy is inevitable.

This article divulges into the whole concept of MTP and how it is done in its entirety. The conditions to carry out such a termination process, and the necessary criteria to do such a procedure, are discussed in detail in this article.

MTP is the abbreviated form of Medical Termination of Pregnancy. MTP is a procedure that involves terminating a pregnancy through medicines or any other medical procedures intended for termination. Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Medical termination

The process of termination is determined by the gestation period of a woman. Medical termination cannot be carried out in pregnancies above certain weeks except in rarest of the cases. The simplest method of termination of pregnancy is through the intake of medicines. However, this may not have opted for most patients. Terminating with the help of medications is advisable only when the woman is pregnant for 6 to 7 weeks. Or at the maximum, only up to the 9th week of pregnancy, the termination is possible only with medicines. If it has crossed the 9th-week limit, then medications become redundant. A surgical procedure will have to be involved to remove the foetus.

However, it must also note that the medical termination of pregnancy is possible only up to 20 weeks. If the woman exceeds this limit, it becomes illegal to terminate such a pregnancy. Also, the government can only relax the limit by up to 24 weeks in extremely dangerous cases. For this, the opinion of 2 other medical practitioners is considered to approve such terminations.


This type of abortion procedure is done with the help of medications. As medications are effective only during the early pregnancy, this termination process does not involve any risk factors and can be carried out at home. Also, it does not cause any adverse reactions in the patients.

However, in this case, the crucial point is to avoid taking medicines on your own at any cost. This threat arises because several over-the-counter abortion pills are available in drug stores nearby. Must not consume these pills based on your self-assumptions because you won’t know about your pregnancy stage. Various pregnancies, like ectopic ones, are placed outside the uterus. In this case, consuming abortion pills will result in a bloody consequence, which may even end up threatening your life.

The proper procedure to opt for pregnancy termination is as follows:

Self-tests for Pregnancy

When a doubt arises that you might be pregnant, consider taking a self-test at home through test kits available in pharmacies. Once it is visible through the test kit that you might be positive, you must visit a gynaecologist.

The gynaecologist will run USG tests on you. These are nothing, but ultrasound tests are required to determine the age of the fetus. Also, these ultrasound tests are essential to identify and confirm if the pregnancy is inside and not outside the uterus. It will also reveal any presence of tumours in the uterus.

At this stage, the gynaecologist will check for any underlying condition like anaemia or the presence of any sexually transmitted diseases that might cause harm to the unborn child. The gynaecologist will confirm your pregnancy and determine the number of weeks your pregnancy has reached.

Medication to Take During Pregnancy

After this stage, it is up to your discretion whether to continue with the pregnancy or opt for termination. If you wish to continue with it, the doctor will prescribe you supplements and other medications for the healthy development of the foetus. If you wish to terminate the pregnancy, you must inform your doctor regarding this decision, and the doctor will only check your stage and suggest a method to ensure safe termination. There is no need to stay in the hospital for this procedure, and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Mifepristone Drug

The common set of medications initially prescribed for the termination of pregnancy is Mifepristone. These are available in the form of pills as well as infection forms. The second stage of medications is Misoprostol, usually given post 3 to 7 days after the first dosage.

Along with medications, antibiotics are also given to avoid any infections. The pills work by cutting out progesterone, and this reduction will affect the uterine layer. And ultimately, the pregnancy is involved. The process involves pushing the fetus out through contractions. This process can take place over a few hours or days. After this process, it is a must to have a visit with the gynaecologist to make sure that the abortion process is complete without any complications.


  1. Women at the early stages of pregnancy up to 9 weeks are eligible for medication-induced pregnancy.
  2. It is advisable only till the 9th week because, after this period, the medications are ineffective and can also result in serious issues to the health of the person.
  3. Also, this procedure is not recommended for Women who may have other prevailing conditions, like anaemia, high blood pressure, and cases of ectopic pregnancy.


Usually, medication-induced terminations are not known to cause any side effects. There is no relation between the intake of medications and fertility issues in women. Also, upon the recommendations of the gynaecologist, you can buy an MTP Kit online in the USA. MTP kits in the USA are very popular in the United States and are also available in drug stores. Also, in the USA, cheap MTP kits are available for usage upon doctor’s prescriptions.

The recovery from the process will be lengthy and also is dependent on the person who undergoes the procedure. The recovery may vary from person to person. There may be an occurrence of bleeding for weeks, and cramps along with back pain are common. It is mandatory to have regular visits with the doctor to ensure there is no infection on the inside.

The major advantage of this process is that you can buy an MTP Abortion kit online, and cheap MTP kits are available. MTP kits in the USA are easy to obtain and involve reduced complications, and these methods are effective and more private when compared to surgical or invasive procedures.


Only when the woman is in the stages of pregnancy that have surpassed the prescribed 9th week then the surgical process be involved. Various surgical methods are available: suction evacuation or the most common dilation and curettage (D&C) methods.

Compared to medical terminations, these require less time and are very effective. Also, the side effects involved are minimal. However, it must be mentioned here that, even though the termination is a simple process, it is usually considered risky. A detailed consultation with your gynaecologist is very important to have a go-through of the entire procedure involved.

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