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How to cure genital herpes – Herpes treatment

Herpes symptoms

Diagnosed with genital herpes and are worried about its treatment. If yes, then we are here to enlighten you about everything related to herpes treatment. But before going further, let us have a look at Herpes symptoms. Some of the conventional treatments include painful sores, itching, trouble in urination and vaginal discharge, etc. While experiencing any of these symptoms, book an appointment with the doctor immediately. 

A guide to treatment of genital herpes 

People who are suffering from herpes should not get worried considering the treatments as a plethora of options are there. Let us have a look at the remedies one by one.

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Home remedies that you should try –

  • Taking a bath in salt and lukewarm water
  • Applying petroleum jelly like Vaseline where herpes symptoms can be seen
  • Throw away all your tight clothing as it will raise more problems
  • Wash your hands regularly especially when it comes in contact with the affected area
  • Stay away from sexual pleasure until your doctor asks you to do so. 

What kind of medication will be effective for herpes treatment?

You might be surprised to know that no medication is enough to beat the problems of herpes thoroughly. There are antibiotics and anti-viral which acts as a defensive shield against herpes, so it does not penetrate further. Added to this, the chances of symptoms to exaggerate further will also see a decline ration. 

The herpes survivors who are suffering from this disease with a minimum of six recurrences will be prescribed with a five-day course. Doctors will diagnose herpes and its status, based on which medication will be given. 

A guide to prevention – 

Suffering from genital herpes is itself a significant concern, but with proper care and treatment, anyone can overcome with this disease. Along with the treatment, there are many precaution tips that can be used for fortification. 

  • Try to get involved in sex with only one partner. 
  • Use condoms and related sex protection elements. 
  • Do not kiss your partner at the time of cold and cough
  • Try to avoid sex until the regular symptoms are visible. 

Herpes cure is possible, and one should not stay disheartened with its emergence. Though it will take time and the symptoms and problems will subside. Here you will be provided with intricate details about herpes and its treatment. 

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